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London, England, 2017 _Prologue_ It was a military appointment, the kind of appointment that fell into a slot, the kind of appointment that was all but destined. It was also a posting that was the preserve of a person of special abilities, a posting to a place where the rarest of rare visitors was allowed, where the spirits were as cold as the sands of the desert, where the faces that peered out from the windows were all but invisible behind the heavy, crenellated wall, where the clocks were kept behind the wall in the silent corridor and where they ticked and ticked... _tick-tick tick-tick_... and no one, not even the watchmen, really knew what the clock was saying, or if they did, they didn't tell. They weren't allowed to tell because of _him._ He walked the corridors, feeling the time behind the wall. Feeling its tight, brutal hand on his shoulder. He touched the coldness of the clock face and _he_ knew what the clock was saying. _They_ didn't know. They didn't know because he was the only one who did. He touched the clock. He felt the time. He knew the time. But that time was still frozen behind the wall. It would remain so until he spoke. Until he told. _He_ had left long ago. _He_ had left when _she_ had died. _




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Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe 6.7.2 Keygen Keygen

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