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Christmas in July!

Fun Xmas Sign

Aaahhh Christmas; sipping mulled wine before a blazing yule log, carolling in soft warm pullovers adorned with pictures of reindeer and conifers, basking in the glow of a million fairy lights and stuffing yourself with hot roast dinners and warmed mince pies. But wait! .... we're in Australia, Christmas is too bloody hot for all that!

Summer Snowman on the Beach

Yes, our Christmases are more likely to be spent barbecuing by the pool, playing drunken beach cricket and building 'snowmen' out of sand, but that doesn't mean Aussies don't occasionally dream of a white Christmas and hanker for those old, cold northern traditions. If Aussies are going to shake the mothballs out of their traditional sweaters the closest we'll get to a cold Christmas on home soil is ... ***CHRISTMAS*IN*JULY!*** Theories abound as to when, where and why the idea of Christmas in July originated. It could be from a famous 1940s Hollywood comedy in which the lead character believed (falsely) he'd won a huge sum of money and splashed out on treats, declaring it "like Christmas - in July!" Other theories suggest a jolly fundraising idea, and still more that it's simply a chance to experience a Christmas that's a bit different. Whatever the reason, Christmas in July is a great excuse to decorate, dress up and indulge!

If you're thinking of celebrating Christmas in July with family or friends – or if you have a fun-loving boss planning a crazy office party – we've got the clip-on earrings for you! Click the link below to see what's available, and Merry Christmas! Seasonal Clip-On Earrings

Holly Wreath and Bells Christmas Clip-On Earrings

Next week: "Glossary of Jewellery Terms, Part 1, A-E" Just what is meant by terms like Art Deco, Austrian Crystal, and Cabochon? Find out these and more in the first part of our jewellery glossary.

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