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How to Adjust Your Clip-On Earrings

If you're reading this the likelihood is you don't have pierced ears and you're one of the many clip earring wearers who has suffered with clip-on earrings that are too tight and pinch, or clip-on earrings that are just too loose to stay in place. Don't despair! You don't have to consign your clip-on earrings to a lifetime of darkness in your jewellery box, a few simple adjustments can get them ready for the limelight once again and give you hours of comfortable wear. Clip-on earrings too tight, or clip-on earrings too loose, we have a few simple adjustments that can make all the difference! Let's start with the most common type of clip-on earring, and the most common complaint: "Ouch! My clip-on earrings are too tight!". Loosening paddle back clip earrings is relatively easy. It's all a matter of adjusting the tension on the tension bar with tools as simple as your own hands, a small flat screwdriver, or pliers. Our infographics will show you how, but before you begin, take care not to damage your earrings by always placing them down on a soft cushiony surface (a blanket or towel), and if using pliers, place a layer of fabric between the earring and the tool if you are worried about causing scratches.

How to loosen paddle back clip on earrings info-graphic

If you've over adjusted your clip-on earrings and find they are now too loose, there are methods you can use to tighten them again...

How to tighten paddle back clip on earrings infographic, no tools required

If that doesn't work for you, you may need to take the earring apart for a more effective fix. Take care when using tools on your earrings and place a layer of cloth between the earring and pliers if you're concerned about causing scratches.

How to tighten paddle back clip-on earrings part 2

And putting your paddle back earrings back together again...

Tightening your paddle back clip-on earrings with pliers

When putting your paddle back clip-on earring back together, it's very important to squeeze the 'holes' part (indicated by the red arrows) to ensure the little arms are securely in place. If you don't your earrings are at risk of pinging off!

The simple hinge clip earring with friction pad is another common clip-on earring type, and again these are easy to adjust ...

How to adjust hinged clip-on earrings

Some hinge clip-on earrings will also have a tension bar located just inside the hinge. Using the methods outlined in "Loosening your paddle back clip-on earrings", and "Tightening your paddle back clip-on earrings part 1", you may be able to carefully adjust the tension a little more. Remember, the tiniest of adjustments can make a huge difference, so don't be too heavy handed, and check the fit frequently! A combined screw and hinge clip-on earring is generally the most comfortable and easily adjusted on the go. If the screw is out of line or doesn't meet the back of the earring correctly, you may need to make slight adjustments to the u-bend at the bottom, as in part two of the simple hinge clip-on earring above. If the problem is with the hinge, open the earring and make tiny adjustments to the tension bar within.

How to adjust a hinged screw clip on earring

Once you have the fit just right for your screw hinge clip-on earrings, wear your earrings by opening and closing the hinge instead of the screw for ease of application and to maintain the fit. Some screw-on earrings for non-pierced ears only have the simple screw without the hinge. If the screw is misaligned, the tension can again be remedied by adjusting the u-shape at the bottom, but take care with the pressure you apply so that you don't ruin the shape, and remember to use a cloth if adjusting with pliers so that you don't scratch the metal.

Adjusting a simple screw on earring

The final style of clip-on earring that you may need to adjust is the mini clip. Again, small adjustments are recommended as a tiny move can make a huge difference. We don't recommend taking these earrings apart to adjust as they're virtually impossible to put back together without the right tools!

Adjusting a mini-clip clip on earring

At Alyssum Jewellery we also sell a tension key to make it a little easier to grip and adjust the tension bars in your clip-on earrings. This handy key is far more convenient than a screwdriver to keep in your purse when making adjustments on the go!

Clip-on earring tension key

We hope you found these methods useful and informative, and are ready to give your old clip-on earrings a new lease of life. After all, as we say, why should your friends with pierced ears have all the glamour! Check out our range of clip-on earrings available now – we have over 500 clip-on earring product lines for you to browse right here in Australia's biggest online clip-on earring store!


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