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Jewellery Gifts For Aquarius

Aquarians celebrate their birthday between January 20 and February 18. If you have an Aquarian in your life, here's our guide to jewellery gifts your Aquarius will love! Aquarian personality traits

Aquarians can be quirky and original, shy and quiet, or innovative and energetic. Whichever category your Aquarian falls into, they will also be intellectual deep thinkers, given to overriding boredom if not mentally stimulated, and with a tendency towards rebellion.

Aquarians like having fun, helping others, and partnering with a good listener who will allow them to talk through their problems, ideas, and "get-rich" brainwaves. Aquarians dislike boredom, loneliness, and people who disagree with their opinions. Yes - they will argue their case relentlessly!

Aquarius symbolism

Astrological symbol: The water carrier

Element: Air

Lucky colour: Light blue/blue-green

Lucky day: Saturday

Ruling planets: Uranus and Saturn

Lucky numbers: 4, 22

Lucky gemstone: Turquoise (water coloured)

Aquarian gift guide

Aquarians love their fashion and designer brands, meaning that they may value the price tag more than the thought behind the gift! Don't let this put you off as they're also flattered by anything unique.

If you're looking to give your Aquarian a gift of jewellery, choose a one-off original designer piece if your budget allows, or something on-trend and unusual if your budget is more restricted.

Lucky colours for Aquarius are blue and blue-green, so choose gemstones and semi-precious stones in these colours set in silver as a lucky Aquarius talisman.

See our range of blue and green clip-on earrings here:

The birthstone for January-born Aquarians is garnet, and for February-born Aquarians; amethyst. An uncomplicated ring simply set with an oval-cut birthstone will appeal to their calmer nature. More "out there' Aquarians may appreciate something a little more flamboyant, like long earrings or a flashy gemstone necklace set.

Flamboyant Garnet Red Clip Earring Necklace Set

For a quirky Aquarian in touch with their spirituality, give a necklace or bracelet bearing their Aquarius constellation, or their astrological double-wave symbol.

Aquarian Constellation Necklace

Choose astrological symbol, or blue gemstone, cufflinks for your Aquarian business man, or a tie pin set with a small birthstone gem. Other Aquarian men might appreciate a symbolic signet ring or a designer watch.

Aquarian Astrological Symbol

If you're buying jewellery for an Aquarian woman, look to her personality type. A 'bohemian' personality will love something nature based, with symbolism around animals, leaves and floral, or ethnic and Native American. Much Native American styled jewellery contains turquoise, which is a lucky stone for Aquarius. For an Aquarian women who is more reserved, buy her a pretty gift of dainty jewellery, again with a nature theme or featuring her birthstone.

Aquarius Jewellery Gift


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