Jewellery Gifts For Aquarius

Aquarians celebrate their birthday between January 20 and February 18. If you have an Aquarian in your life, here's our guide to jewellery gifts your Aquarius will love! Aquarian personality traits

Aquarians can be quirky and original, shy and quiet, or innovative and energetic. Whichever category your Aquarian falls into, they will also be intellectual deep thinkers, given to overriding boredom if not mentally stimulated, and with a tendency towards rebellion.

Aquarians like having fun, helping others, and partnering with a good listener who will allow them to talk through their problems, ideas, and "get-rich" brainwaves. Aquarians dislike boredom, loneliness, and people who disagree with their opinions. Yes - they will argue their case relentlessly!

Aquarius symbolism