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Jewellery Gifts For Aries

Aries Star Sign

Arians celebrate their birthday between March 21 and April 19. If you have an Arian in your life, here's our guide to jewellery gifts your Aries will love! Arian personality traits

Aries are natural born leaders, brave and adventurous, but also prone to stubbornness and confrontation - heard the expression "butting heads"? That's our Aries!

Aries are the life and soul of a party; if not literally, then they're certainly fun to be around. People flock to be with Aries on the social scene. Aries are a constant source of positivity, and get frustrated by negativity, often to the point of letting their short temper get the better of them.

Aries symbolism

Astrological symbol: The ram

Element: Fire

Lucky colour: Red

Lucky day: Tuesday

Ruling planet: Mars

Lucky numbers: 8, 17

Lucky gemstone: Bloodstone, Diamond, Ruby

Arian gift guide

Games (board games, card games, or digital) and sporting equipment will appeal to your Aries' competitive nature. Give the gift of adventure with a holiday or unusual and thrilling activity, or lead the way with the latest technology or gadget.

If you're looking to give your Arian a gift of jewellery, make sure it's the latest fashion. Aries is the first astrological symbol in the zodiac, and Aries love to be first with the newest trends.

The lucky colour for Aries is red, like their ruling planet Mars, so choose gemstones and semi-precious stones such as ruby, carnelian, or red jasper. Whatever gemstone you choose, don't stint on the size. For Aries, the bigger the better!

See our range of red clip-on earrings here:

The birthstone for March-born Aries is bloodstone, and for Aries born in April; diamond. Pay homage to their fire sign something bold and flashy with diamonds - or the closest thing to diamond, cubic zirconia. Aries aren't generally shy, so let them shine!

Ruby rhinestone necklace set

For the Arian who loves to party, choose wide shoulder-duster earrings that scream 'look at me!'. For a quieter Arian, a fiery pendant or something with their astrological constellation or rams horn symbol would be appreciated.

Sparkling pendant and earring necklace set

Aries Gifts

Choose astrological symbol, or red gemstone, cufflinks for your Arian business man, or a tie pin set with a small birthstone gem. Other Arian men might appreciate a high-tech watch or a bold ear stud.

Your Arian woman can certainly handle 'edgy'. Striking, bold, quirky, angular, and BIG, are all styles the Arian woman can easily pull off, and be sure to highlight the head with flashy earrings and striking hair accessories.



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