What is Boho Styling?

Boho - short for Bohemian Homeless - and Boho Chic is a fashion style centred around the Bohemian and Hippie influences originating in the 1960s and 1970s. Boho is a style defined as unconventional, musical, artistic, and spiritual, but the term and lifestyle was borrowed by young French artists in the 1930s who wished to distinguish themselves from the middle and upper class bourgeoisie. The original Bohemians were travellers, ostensibly from Bohemia in Czechoslovakia, who lived a life poor of wealth but rich in music, colour and culture. If Hippies borrowed their Boho styling from emerging French artists, and emerging French artists adapted the look from Czechoslovakian gypsies, then what is Boho styling today?

Boho Girl in Floppy Hat

The new Bohemian

The modern Boho look, termed Boho-Chic, emerged in the early 21st century. Like it's previous incarnations, the look is often long and flowing with soft layered fabrics. It can be colourful or natural, highly embellished or simple. To get the look for yourself, here are a few key elements to try.


Long, loose and flowing. Raw unprocessed materials with simple patterns and prints. Maxi skirts, wide pants or flares, shawls and scarves, large open sleeves. Furs, fleece, leather, suede, wool and denim.

Girl in long flowing boho beach wrap