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The beautiful brooches featured in our clearance range are reduced in price by a minimum 20%.

Brooches are a fantastically versatile accessory and can be used in many creative ways. Of course you can adhere to tradition and pin them to your shoulder as an accessory, but think about how stunning it would look to have several brooches pinned onto your bridal skirt... or attached to the ribbon wrapped around the stem of your bouquet... or even in your bouquet! Brooches also look amazing pinned to a wide ribbon fastened around the bottom of wedding cake, and they can even make a glorious hair accessory if slid onto a comb converter or secured with bobby pins. The uses for the humble brooch are limited only by your imagination... Did we forget to mention that brooches look great pinned to the back of a pair of bridal heels? 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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