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Birthstones for the Days of the Week

Days of the Week Birthstones

Did you know that as well as birthstones for the month you were born, there's also a birthstone for each day of the week? In many western cultures the days of the week are associated with certain planets or gods, which have an influence on the stone chosen to represent that day. Wearing gemstones associated with your birth is said to bring good fortune, so combining your month's birthstone with your day's birthstone has surely got to be extra lucky!

Monday – Pearl, Moonstone


Monday (Moon-day) is represented by pearl, quartz and moonstone. Pearl and moonstone are both lustrous gems with a milky shimmer, and it's not hard to see how they represent the moon.

Monday's birthstones symbolise purity, hope, innocence, and motherhood. You can learn more about Monday's birthstones here.

Tuesday – Ruby


Tuesday (Tiw's Day) is represented by ruby. Tiw is the old English pronunciation for Tyr, the Norse god of war. In many mythologies, the god of war is represented by Mars, the red planet, so it's fitting that Tuesday's main gem is red.

Tuesday's birthstones symbolises passion. You can learn more about Tuesday's birthstone here.

Wednesday – Amethyst

Wednesday (Woden's Day) is represented by amethyst. Woden (Odin) was the god of wit and wisdom (read cunning!) and was the revered god of those of a spiritual nature.

Wednesday's birthstone symbolises wisdom and spirituality. Learn more about Wednesday's birthstone here.

Thursday – Sapphire


Thursday (Thor's Day) is represented by sapphire. Thor was the god of thunder, and a great protector who rode across the sky to defend his people. Sapphire symbolises the sky and is believed to bring joy to the wearer.

Thursday's birthstone symbolises integrity and loyalty. You can learn more about Thursday's birthstone here.

Friday – Emerald


Friday (Frigg's Day) is represented by emerald. Frigg was the goddess of marriage, fertility and domestic arts. Emeralds represent spring and new growth, just like the green of new growth in nature.

Friday's birthstone symbolises domestic harmony and wellbeing. Learn more about Friday's birthstone here.

Saturday – Turquoise


Saturday (Saturn's Day) is represented by Turquoise. Saturn was the Roman god of agriculture and the seasons, and every December the Romans held a harvest festival dedicated to Saturn. Interestingly, turquoise is also the birthstone for the month of December - everything is connected!

Saturday's birthstone symbolises good fortune (like a bountiful harvest!). You can learn more about Saturday's birthstone here.

Sunday – Golden Topaz


Sunday, not surprisingly, is named for the sun, which is represented by golden topaz. Topaz is considered a "brightening" stone, lifting spirits and bringing clarity to the wearer.

Sunday's birthstone symbolises consistency (as the sun rises everyday) and friendship. You can learn more about Sunday's birthstone here.



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