The Major Gemstones | The Cardinal Gemstones

The major cardinal gemstones

When it comes to gemstones, there are various considerations such as rarity and individual attributes that have lead to certain gemstones being regarded as more valuable than others. Traditionally five were considered the rarest and most precious of all, and these were known as the Cardinal Gemstones. The term Cardinal Gemstone refers to the use of these gemstones by royalty and for religiously significant purposes. They were diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby, and amethyst. Over time, vast deposits of amethyst were found, effectively lowering the value of stone, causing it to be reclassified as 'semi-precious'. This lead to amethyst being bumped off the Cardinal Gemstones list, leaving diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby to be known as the Major Gemstones.

Here's a little overview of each.


Diamond Major Gemstone

The diamond is certainly enjoying regard as the most popular of the major gemstones, thanks to a 1930s de Beers marketing campaign that stated "Diamonds are Forever".