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It's Our Birthday!

On May 19 Alyssum Jewellery is turning SIXTEEN YEARS OLD!

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It's our birthday, but you get the gifts! To celebrate turning 16 years old you can save 16% off your entire purchase! Keep reading to find the promo code!...

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How it all began... Way back in 2008 Alyssum Jewellery started life as a small business selling genuine akoya and freshwater pearl jewellery. Based in Adelaide, the small family business could be found at weekend markets before finally launching its first ever website that looked something like this...

Alyssum Jewellery Original Website Concept

Over the following years Alyssum Jewellery began to stock more and more bridal jewellery until eventually pearls were just a small part of what we did. We loved helping brides and bridesmaids find their bridal jewellery and hair accessories, but the downside of the bridal industry is that we never get to see you again! We love a happily ever after, but it was sad to say goodbye with every purchase. Then one day we had an email from a bride who'd suffered a torn earlobe – the perils of a curious toddler! Could we help her find some nice clip-ons to wear to her wedding? Well, we could certainly try!

Colourful birthday gift banner

A fork in the road... Our bridal jewellery suppliers were willing to stock a few styles of their post earrings as clip-ons too, and we added them to our range. Over time we noticed sales of clip-on earrings increase and – to our delight – we began to see customers coming back for more! We also began to receive enquiries about possibly stocking more everyday clip-on earrings. This didn't fit with our bridal jewellery image, so in 2016 we launched a sister site just for clip-on earrings; promo picture

Our happy place... We got great feedback for our clip-on earrings website; it was so much more functional, and we loved seeing the same customer names returning over and over again. Customer service is so important to us and, with the bridal jewellery industry already being so well serviced, we decided to make the switch to clip-on earrings permanently. In July 2017 we bid a fond farewell to the old Alyssum Jewellery site. Does anyone remember it looking like this?

Alyssum Jewellery July 2017

Our clip-on earring range has now grown to include clip-on hoops, glamorous clip earring styles, modest everyday styles, and fun novelty clip-on earrings, but we still maintain a few bridal lines too for those special occasions. We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been with us over the years, and especially to our clip-on earring customers who keep coming back for more. You make everything worthwhile, and we look forward to being here for you for many more years to come!

Colourful Thank You Banner

As a special thank-you you can save 16% off the entire purchase price of your order. All you have to do is enter the promo code Birthday16 at the checkout and your discount will be applied. Thank you for choosing Alyssum Jewellery!



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