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Gemology: N is for ...

There's not a lot we can say about gemstones beginning with N because there really aren't many! Sure, there are regionally named variants like Nevada Opal, but only one that truly begins with N. So here we bring you the gemstone beginning with N – Nephrite!


Nephrite is one of two recognised forms of jade, the other being jadeite. Nephrite has been used for millennia, with nephrite tools discovered dating back as far as 5000 years. Although it's a hard substance, it lends itself very well to being carved for decorative purposes. You can learn more about jade here.

Nephrite Jade Statue

We're sure our next foray into the gemstone world, gemstones beginning with O, will be much more engaging!


Next week: "Royal Wedding Jewellery Look Book" – See the earring styles worn at the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Yes – you can get royal wedding styling with clip-on earrings!


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