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Jewellery for a Job Interview

Can you wear jewellery for a job interview? Of course! But just what jewellery is appropriate depends on the job you're going for...

Firstly, congratulations on getting through to the interview stage! The job market is a very competitive place, so whether your freshly graduated, taking the next step on your career ladder, or taking a leap of faith in a new direction - well done you!

Your awesome resumé got you through the door, and now it's time for those all-important first impressions. The general advice is to dress for the job you want, so if you're heading in a corporate direction smart business attire is the go., But even if you're looking for work on a fishing trawler you still want to look smart in office-worthy trousers or skirt, shirt or blouse, and how you accessorise is important too. When it comes to jewellery it's best to keep it simple, after all, you want your interviewer's attention to be on you, not distracted by your bling! There are exceptions to this; for example, if you're applying for a creative career in the fashion or arts industry you may be able to get away with a few more flashy or bohemian pieces, but still, less is more until you've landed the job and can see the lay of the land.

If you follow these simple rules you can't go far wrong...

Earrings Earrings are to softly highlight your face, not dazzle your interviewer.

Do wear

  • Plain studs or small hoops (best choices). Crystal, plain gold or silver, small pearls etc. are perfect.

  • Small dainty drop earrings if they're appropriate to the job you're applying for.

  • Just one pair! If you have multiple piercings now is not the time to show them off.


  • Oversized hoops, shoulder dusters, bright colours, feathers, noisy earrings, gimmicky motifs etc. They're distracting!

  • Ear crawlers.

  • Multiple pairs of earrings.

Earrings for a Job Interview, Clip On and Pierced


Again, keep it simple with necklaces. You want your interviewers eyes on your face, not your décolletage!

These are ok

  • Fine chain with small pendant.

  • Simple pearl strand (no longer than princess length) if it works with the rest of your attire, or a classic pearl pendant.

  • No necklace at all!


  • Anything longer than a princess length.

  • Multiple necklaces.

  • Large bold statement necklaces, and oversized pendants.

  • Thick chains.

  • Bright colours.

Religious or ethnic necklaces unless they're culturally appropriate to the position you are applying for, should be carefully considered as they may – though they shouldn't – cause offence or prejudice.

Necklaces for a Job Interview


Bracelets are not generally required for a job interview. Remember, with jewellery choices, less is more! But if your wrist feels naked without one...

These are ok​​

  • A fine chain.

  • A smart, professional watch (it conveys the impression that you like to be punctual!).

  • A medic alert bracelet.


  • Multiple bracelets.

  • Clanky bangles.

  • Woven friendship bracelets.

  • Leather, studded, loud, or brightly coloured bracelets.

  • Loaded charm bracelets. (One or two truly meaningful charms may be acceptable).

  • Flashy gemstone bracelets – save them for the "yay, I got the job" party!

Other Jewellery

Remember, the purpose of your jewellery is to subtly accessorise and keep your interviewer's focus on you. With that in mind keep it simple and complementary. A wedding or engagement ring is perfectly acceptable and appropriate, but keep these the only rings on that hand. A small inconspicuous ring can be worn on the other hand too if it's discreet and not too flashy (no big cocktail rings!).

Lip Piercings

If you have facial piercings, tongue piercings, or piercings in your ears other than the main one in your lobe, you'd present far more professionally if you remove them for the interview. We know your personal uniqueness and freedom of expression are important to you, but so is getting the job. Unless you are applying for a job in the fashion sector, or somewhere quirky where multiple piercings are appropriate, it's better to wait until after you get the job and can see how the rest of the workforce presents before letting your uniqueness shine! Good luck with your interview!


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