July's Birthstone - The Ruby

Rubies are amongst the most beautiful jewels and one of the "Big Four" of the most precious cardinal gemstones; the others being Sapphire, Diamond and Emerald. Ruby is also the birthstone for July (you lucky people!). Find out what your July ruby birthstone can mean for you.

Ruby July birthstone infographic

What is a ruby?

Ruby Crystal Corundum

A ruby is a bright red crystalline precious gemstone in shades varying from deep rose pink to a rich crimson, but did you know a ruby is not technically a ruby? Rubies are exactly the same mineral as sapphires, and the name sapphire refers to all other gem-quality coloured variants of the mineral corundum. Rubies are actually red sapphires!

The name Ruby comes from the latin Rubeus, meaning red.

Star ruby gemstone showing asterism

All genuine rubies contain tiny thread like inclusions called needles, which is what helps lapidaries (gem cutters) distinguish the real deal from created rubies. When the needles intersect the eff