TRENDING: Terracotta

Terracotta is the warm earthy colour invoking thoughts of Mediterranean summers, cobbled streets, and rustic earthenware planters on sunny balconies – and it's the hot new trend set to take the 2019 fashion scene by storm!

Mediterranean Courtyard with Colourful Terracotta Pots

High street fashion stores have been filled with back-to-nature colours for little while now, with mustards, ochres, and olives featuring widely, while interior designers and homewares stores have been crushing on autumnal red, orange, and brown tones. Terracotta literally means "baked earth", the colour of fired clay, and if you're getting in on the fashion trend we've got the clip-on earring accessories to suit.

A terracotta wall plaque

But first, why is terracotta so fashionable? Terracotta ranges in shade from burnt orange to brick red and rust, to a cinnamon red-brown. It's neutral, it's natural, and it goes with a lot more colours than you'd imagine!

You can pair your terracotta with any of the colours of the forest, from soft moss greens to the deep greens of pine needles, and even the grey-greens of evening shadows. It goes with blue too! From the teal blue of a late evening sky, to a soft powdery baby blue,