10 More Fun, Fascinating Jewellery Facts!

1 A ruby is not actually a ruby ...

A ruby cluster gold ring.

Hey, that doesn't ​make sense! But it is kind of true - rubies don't technically exist as separate gemstones. Rubies are actually sapphires that just happen to be red, but we don't care; ruby sounds heaps nicer (and a lot less confusing) than pinky-red sapphire!

Image: A very pretty 'red sapphire' ring.

2 In the middle ages amethyst was considered an antidote to poison.

A word of warning from the apothecary!

Gemstones have long been thought to contain magical mystical powers, and in the medieval period of plotting, intrigue and foul play poisoning of one's enemy was rife. Of course it could just have been down to poor hygiene practices of the time, but those wealthy enough to have enemies weren't taking any chances! Gemstones were often worn as protection, or ground down and added to food and drink. Amethyst was thought to be particularly effective in