Bridal Jewellery on a Clip-On Earrings Site?

Absolutely! Before we specialised in clip-on earrings Alyssum Jewellery sold all kinds of bridal and formal jewellery and accessories; earrings for pierced ears, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, brooches, garters, bridal belts, rhinestone transfers etc. Now we're sticking to one product line and closing down our bridal jewellery site on July 22, 2017, so all remaining bridal and formal stock has been transferred to the clearance pages on this site. You can still be assured that it's of the highest quality and NOT ex-display, but stock levels are limited so you need to be quick - items won't be re-ordered! Keep reading for exclusive discount code!

Bridal Earrings for Pierced Ears Yes, we are a clip-on earring site, but we still have a huge range of earrings for pierced ears. Our range includes quality cubic zirconia crystals set in gleaming white rhodium plate, genuine pearls and faux pearls, gold plated and rose gold plated earrings, short earrings, long earrings, coloured earrings and earrings for bridal parties. Some styles are also available in a clip-on back if you need them to match up your bridesmaids. Prices start from only $6.00.

Keep reading for exclusive discount code!

Bridal Necklaces and Necklace Sets Our necklaces and necklace sets for pierced ears are perfect for weddings and special occasions. If you want something dainty and delicate we've got it. If you want something chunky and bold, we have that too! Looking for a back necklace or lariat style? You'll find them here. Prices start from only $8.00.

Keep reading for exclusive discount code!

Bridal, Formal, and Bridesmaid Bracelets Our range of bracelets is shrinking fast, but if you're quick you could still score a beautiful pearl or crystal bracelet, or a coloured bracelet for a high school formal. Prices start from only $6.00.

Keep reading for exclusive discount code!

Bridal Brooches A bridal brooch adds a perfect finishing touch to a wedding dress, but that's not all this versatile little accessory can do. Brooches look stunning on the stem of a bridal bouquet, or pinned to a ribbon around your wedding cake. Instead of just having one brooch on your bodice, consider pinning a whole heap of brooches to your bridal skirt for a gleaming and eye-catching statement. Prices start at only $8.00.

Not much further for that exclusive discount code!

Bridal Hair Accessories Our hair accessories are simply stunning! We still have a very limited number of headbands from the designer Sass B range, plus some beautiful fabric and feathered hair combs. For a little bit of glamour we have hair twists to add a touch of colour and light to your hair-do, and tiaras and pins for a more traditional look. Some even have other matching accessories with necklaces and earrings. Prices start from only $4.00.

Almost there at that exclusive discount code!

Other Accessories Our range of other accessories includes bridal belts, foot jewellery, garters and tossing garter sets, rhinestone transfers, and jewellery presentation boxes. Stock is very limited and prices start from only $3.00.

DISCOUNT CODE OK, so now for that discount code! We'd love to clear as much of this bridal and formal stock as possible so we can increase our range of clip-on earrings, and that's why we're offering an extra 20% off your entire order until July 22, 2017. That's your ENTIRE order, including clip-on earrings, and all just for reading our blog! Enter the code Switch20 at the checkout before July 22, 2017. Reading this after July 22, 2017? Don't be disappointed, we always want to reward our customers for reading our blogs. Please contact us for an exclusive single-use discount code; one per customer only!

Next Week: "About Plating, Your Jewellery's Finishing Touch". Learn about the different metals used in jewellery plating, their anti-allergenic properties, and why plating is used.

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