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But clip-on earrings are so old fashioned!

Man with Earlobe Flesh Tunnel

OK, hands up - who thinks clip-on earrings are just for old fuddy-duddies and children? Amazingly there are a lot of people out there who share this misconception, but clip-on earrings can be for EVERYONE! There are so many reasons why people are turning to clip-on earrings, and our customers are of ALL ages and backgrounds. We had one poor bride who turned to us when she was desperate for some pretty clip-on earrings for her wedding because her earlobe had been torn by a toddler who grabbed her earring and just didn't - let - go! The pierced hole was stretched so big that an ordinary post earring couldn't be worn, and that brings me to another reason why clip-on earrings are growing in popularity - EAR STRETCHING!

The recent fashion for ear lobe stretching has made it virtually impossible for a regular earring to be worn in a stretched lobe, but sometimes an occasion calls for something more ... refined? The right clip on earring can disguise a stretched lobe for a job interview, wedding, or any other occasion when you feel that a stretched lobe is not appropriate. So who else wears clip-on earrings? Promise me you won't be shocked, because at Alyssum Jewellery we're definitely not fuddy-duddies! OK, I'll tell you... We get a lot of clip-on earring custom from men - and why not! Society is a wonderful melting pot of different tastes, beliefs and ideals and far more welcoming nowadays than it used to be. We're happy to be able to cater to everyone's needs, be they a shy and secretive transvestite or Priscilla Queen of the Desert! Don't feel disheartened if you ARE a fuddy-duddy, our range of clip-on earrings is large enough to include styles to match everyone's tastes, and if you consider yourself 'old-fashioned' take a look at our range of genuine vintage earrings that are all carefully sourced from local Brisbane antique shops. Happy shopping!


Next week: "Ouch, My Clip-Ons Are So Pinchy!" How to adjust your clip-on earrings for maximum comfort.

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