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Clip-On Earring Comfort Accessories

July 31, 2019

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Do Clip On Earrings Hurt?

December 4, 2018

Do clip-on earrings hurt? It's a commonly held belief that they do, but they don't have to! We are often asked "are clip earrings painful?" so we've put together this guide to show you why clip-on earrings might hurt and the simple steps you can take to get hours of comfortable wear from your favourite clip-on earrings every day.

Adjusting the tension of your clip-on earrings


There are a number of factors that can affect the comfort of your clip-on earrings. The most common cause of clip on earring pain is a matter of incorrect tension. Many clip earring wearers have experienced clip earrings that pinch, which over the course of a few hours - or even minutes! - can become intolerable. Thankfully most clip-on earrings can be easily adjusted using just your fingers or basic household tools.