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Alternative Uses for Clip-On Earrings

When we came across this cute little video, we knew we'd have to share it with you! Do you just wear your clip-on earrings on your ears? Your earring is missing its full potential! There are so many more uses for the humble clip-on earring, and some of these are perfect for a lonely little earring that has lost its partner.

Clip On Earrings Worn In Hair

In Your Hair... If you have some pretty chandelier clip-on earrings, and they have a pretty tight clip (see our article "How to Adjust Your Clip-On Earrings"), try clipping them into an up-do for added bling.

Clip pretty button earrings along a plain headband, and change your look to suit your mood. Slide a clip-on earring into the loop of a bobby pin – instant sparkly hair pin!


Clip On Earring Bookmarks

Lost one of a pair? No need to discard the other... a clip-on earring clipped to the page of your book is a convenient – and very stylish – bookmark! If you want to make it a permanent bookmark, remove the back and glue your clip-on earring to a plain metal bookmark (available in craft stores), ribbon, large paper clip, or clothes peg.

Keep Your Earbuds in Place Loop the wire of your earbuds through the base of your clip to keep your music from falling out of your ears. Is it an Earring, or a Pendant? A neat clip-on earring with a tight clip makes a great pendant on a necklace chain.

Clip Earrings Worn As Shoe Clips

Shoe Clip

A clip-on earring on the strap of a thong or sandal can turn them from day wear to evening wear, and can upgrade a humble white shoe to perfect bridal footwear when clipped to the top or back of the heel. If you have a pair of vintage clip-on earrings, they can double as your 'something old' too! Enhancer? Attaching a clip-on earring to a pearl strand is a beautiful way to get an extra stylish look for a classic piece.

Collar Clips

Loop a chain several times between a pair of clip-on earrings and clip them to the collar points of a plain blouse. Great for a professional look! Get Crafty

Clip Earring Enhanced Photo Frame

Got a few broken or lonely clip-on earrings? Or any other pieces of bling? Get crafty and turn them into art projects! Remove the clip-on backs and hot-glue them to a photo frame, vase, or arrange them onto a background to create a picture or pattern and frame it! Only your imagination limits you.

DIY Charm Bracelet

If you have a nice, plain, chunky chain bracelet, create your own 'charm' bracelet by attaching clip-on earrings. They also look great clipped to a bangle.

Napkin Rings

If you're hosting a dinner party, create your own fancy napkin rings by tying a ribbon around your folded napkin, and attach a cute clip-on earring. Or if you're looking for a unique way to present napkins at your wedding, try scouring antique stores or charity shops for pretty vintage earrings to create individual napkin ties for your guests. Need More Inspiration? There are so many ways you can use clip-on earrings... all you need to do is re-imagine! Clip-on earrings can add bling to the arms of your sunnies, turn a plain ring into a cocktail ring, make a great place card holder (if the earrings can stand up), jazz up a belt – or the belt loops of your jeans, and you can find heaps more ideas on Pinterest. If you can think of any more ways to repurpose your clip-on earrings, let us know! And now, for that video we mentioned, with thanks to Glamrs for the inspiration!


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