Alternative Uses for Clip-On Earrings

When we came across this cute little video, we knew we'd have to share it with you! Do you just wear your clip-on earrings on your ears? Your earring is missing its full potential! There are so many more uses for the humble clip-on earring, and some of these are perfect for a lonely little earring that has lost its partner.

Clip On Earrings Worn In Hair

In Your Hair... If you have some pretty chandelier clip-on earrings, and they have a pretty tight clip (see our article "How to Adjust Your Clip-On Earrings"), try clipping them into an up-do for added bling.

Clip pretty button earrings along a plain headband, and change your look to suit your mood. Slide a clip-on earring into the loop of a bobby pin – instant sparkly hair pin!


Clip On Earring Bookmarks