Earring Styles of the Roaring 40s

Even if you didn't live in the decade you might look back on the 1940s as an era of glamour, with strong capable women working in traditionally male roles, and movie sirens providing the romance. It was an era of war, austerity and hope, and that was reflected in the fashions. Many women worked in the Land Army or in Munitions Factories where overalls, boots, and men's shirts were de rigueur, and the only touch of femininity permitted was a touch of lippy and a dainty pair of fashionable earrings. Let's take a look at how the earring styles of the roaring 40s reflected the times.

Staying Beautiful for the war effort.

For the first half of the decade much of the world was at war, and the later years were a time of rationing and rebuilding. A lot of the men were away fighting, blackout restrictions in many areas meant the nightlife – and the opportunity to get glammed up – was at a minimum (and money was too scarce for partying anyway!) but that didn't mean that women had to do away with all nice things.

Jewellery in the 1940s became cheap and cheerful. Because so much metal was going to the war effort, new 'plastics' were created that could be moulded and brightly coloured, and jewellery stores were awash with mass-produced colourful rhinestone sparkle. These bright gems were a morale boost to hard-working women, and a gesture of defiance to whomever they were at war with.