Gemology: F is for ...

Gemstones beginning with F are a little tricky to find; there are only a handful, and most are variants of other gemstones in 'fire' or 'fancy', but an avid collector or gemologist can still find a few 'F' gemstones for their collection! Take a look at the small but vibrant world of 'Fancy' gems, Feldspar, 'Fire' gems, Fluorite (Fluorspar), Fool's Gold and Freshwater Pearls. Fancy

'Fancy' is a term applied to many gemstones, but most commonly diamonds, that are a different colour to the usual. Fancy diamonds are rare diamonds with hues of pink, blue, green, purple or black and are highly desirable and very expensive.

9.75 carat Blue Fancy Diamond 'Zoe'

9.75 carat Blue Fancy Diamond 'Zoe'

(Image Attribution: By Diamondhistorygirl (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)


Feldspar makes up over half the earth's crust, and is the name for a group of minerals that includes labradorite and moonstone. Most feldspar is in mineral rock form and unlikely to be used in jewellery, but there are some wonderful examples of highly colourful and iridescent feldspar that is perfect for polishing into gems. Labradorite shines mainly blue with flashes of reds and yellows; Amazonite is a lovely aquamarine colour, and Moonstone is a milky opaque gemstone with a blue hue, We'll learn more of these gemstones individually when we reach them in the alphabet!

Labradorite Pendant

Labradorite Pendant Fire 'Fire' refers to a number of gemstones with a flame like iridescence or colours of fire within them, such as Fire Agate and Fire Opal.