Gemology: K is for ...

There are not many gemstones beginning with K, but our gemology guide will bring you them all! Welcome to the world of Kashmir Sapphire, Keshi Pearl, Kunzite and Kyanite.

Kashmir Sapphire

Kashmir Sapphire, from the Kashmir region of India, is a highly prized variant sapphire with a rich deep colour.

Keshi Pearl Keshi Pearls are an organic gemstone formed in the shells of cultured oysters and molluscs. In the cultured pearl industry, an artificial nucleus is inserted into the shell for a pearl to form around. With Keshi Pearls, the nucleus is rejected by the host mollusc so no round pearl is formed; instead, a bumpy, irregular shaped and flattish all-nacre pearl is formed instead. Keshi Pearls are highly durable and have a great lustre, and as no two are the same they're perfect for making unusual and unique pieces of jewellery.

Variety of Keshi Pearls


Kunzite (have you ever heard of it?) is a stunning pastel pink crystal mineral. It has often been confused with rose quartz, tourmaline, and even fancy sapphire! It's a relative newcomer to the gemstone scene, with the first commercially viable deposits found in California in 1902. Kunzite crystals can grow quite large. The Smithsonian Institute in Washington has a beautiful faceted Kunzite gemstone on display that weighs 880 carats, and to