Jewellery Spells, Old Wives' Tales and Legends of Cursed Gemstones!

"It's Hallowe'en night when the vampires bite,

if you don't give us a treat we'll give you a fright!"

Well, not really - we're a very friendly bunch here, but being Hallowe'en and all that we thought it the perfect time to cast a few jewellery spells and immerse ourselves in the spooky world of jewellery superstitions, curses, and old wives' tales!


"Double, double, toil and trouble,

fire burn and cauldron bubble!"

– William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Let's start by casting a jewellery spell - no cauldron needed!

ring of protection, Deflecting bad wishes: Do you get the feeling someone is sending bad vibes your way? Is someone giving you the evil eye or poking pins into your little wax lookalike? Grab a ring with a black stone and let's get binding their powers! You will need: A ring with a black stone

Black ribbon or twine Black peppercorns Cut two pieces of your black ribbon or twine and tie them to the ring, then, holding a piece of ribbon in each hand, suspend the ring in front of you pulling the thread tight. Focus on the ring and recite the following spell:

"Never ending, never bending, round the circle, round the ring" Put the ring on your finger and repeat the spell:

"Never ending, never bending, round the circle, round the ring" You've filled the ring with magic and now it's time to put it to work! Place the ring on a table, fill it with peppercorns, and recite the following incantation: "Never ending, never bending, circle round (their name) bound"