May's Birthstones – Emerald and Agate

There are four stones considered by ancient tradition to be the most precious; diamond, ruby, sapphire – and those born in May have the fourth for their birthstone: the beautiful Emerald! But that's not all – lucky people born in May have two birthstones, the emerald and the agate!

May Birthstone Infographic

Tiffany & Co.'s Gregorian Birthstone Poem, published in 1870, has this to say about May's Emerald birthstone ...

"Who first beholds the light of day,

In spring’s sweet flowery month of May,

And wears an emerald all her life,

Shall be a loved and happy wife."

What is an Emerald?

An emerald is a form of Beryl, a gemstone family that also includes aquamarine and morganite. Pure beryl in its natural form is colourless, but the emerald variant gets its beautiful green colour from the presence of chromium. Only beryl with a rich deep colour is considered true emerald; pale green beryl is simply known as 'green beryl'.