More Nuggets of Jewellery Trivia

We're back with ten more of our ever-popular nuggets of jewellery trivia. Some of these are pure gold!

1. Behold the gold!

The gold mask of Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun's Mask is made of two gold alloys to create the different shades needed to highlight the face and neck. One alloy is 22.5K gold, and the other 18.4k. The mask measures 54cm high, by 39cm wide, by 49cm deep and weighs in at a smidge over 10kg!

2. Old News? Did you know that gold never tarnishes? OK, you probably did, but we also know it can certainly get a bit grubby with everyday wear. The mummy of Egyptian King Tutankhamun had been wearing his gold mask for more than 3200 years when it was found by Howard Carter in 1925, but it was still perfectly gleaming and untarnished.

Why don't Pharaohs need doorbells? Because they just "Toot an' come in"!

3. But there's jewellery older than that!

Snail Shell Bead, elaborately carved