So You're Engaged!

Did you get a New Year's wedding proposal? Or have you been engaged for a while? Either way, CONGRATULATIONS!

We're sure you're busy with breaking the news and starting the planning, but if you've time to take a break here are some interesting facts and trivia that you may find .... engaging! The proposal Most hopeful young men and women put a lot of thought and effort into making their proposal unique. Not so long ago the proposal would be made over a candle-lit dinner, or during a moonlit walk on a special night, but in our internet enriched world people are becoming much bolder and more elaborate, organising international treasure hunts, flash mobs, and very public demonstrations of affection. Chances are, whichever way your proposal went down, your hubby or wife-to-be also went down ... on bended knee.

1815 Woodcut of a man kneeling to propose

The tradition of the man kneeling to propose goes back to ancient times when men would kneel to their lords to show fealty, and in the middle ages, knights in armour would kneel with a flourish to receive the favour of a pretty maiden before jousting. It's only natural that a man should continue to show his respect with the grand gesture of 'taking a knee' in a proposal tradition that continues to this day. But that's not necessarily the case in Ireland.

Old fashioned clothes on a washing line

In Ireland a young hopeful would not be so forward as to ask "Will you marry me?" instead opting for something far more subtle to signal his intentions...

Could you imagine if your fiancé had asked "Would you like to hang your washing next to mine?"