Which Necklace Length Suits You?

Would you ever put a choker or a rope around your neck? Or go out for the night with a princess sitting on your shoulders? Sounds a bit extreme doesn't it! Don't worry, all these expressions are industry standard terms for different lengths of necklaces.

Different Necklace Lengths Chart

When you see a necklace advertised for sale you're most likely to see the length stated in centimetres or inches, but there's a name for each style too.

collar ~ 30-34cm (12-13 inches)

Black Lace Collar Necklace

The collar is worn high around the neck across the throat, and has been a popular necklace length for centuries. In Victorian times collars of several strands of pearls were very fashionable, and during the French revolution many aristocratic women wore collars of red ribbon to honour friends who'd met a grisly end at the guillotine!

Nowadays you can get collars in many styles and materials; fabric, ribbon, lace, plastic tattoo, rhinestone, pearl etc., and all work well with open-neck and off-the-shoulder outfits, and all suit any face shape too!

choker ~ 36-40cm (14-16 inches)