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Jewellery, Jewelry, Jewelery?

Want to know the biggest problem for jewellery sellers in the web-connected world? SPELLING! There are so many variants for 'jewellery' that getting your SEO and advertising right is a minefield. So which spelling is correct? Alyssum Jewellery is based in Australia so we spell jewellery the Australian (and British) way. Yep, J-E-W-E-L-L-E-R-Y. But many of our customers and stockists are based overseas, where the American version is more commonly used - J-E-W-E-L-R-Y. To add a further spanner to the works, Canadian English uses both the British version, jewellery, and the American version, jewelry, equally. No wonder it gets confusing! With different versions of the spelling being used the world over it's way too easy to get both spellings muddled and hedge your bets with a hybrid spelling, or a phonetic spelling based on accent, like jewlery, so jewellery (jewelry) sellers have a tough time reaching you - their target audience. I guess it's just easier to do away with jewellery, jewelry, jewlery all together and simply say 'clip-on earrings'. Hope you find what you're looking for! ;)

Box of Vintage Jewellery


Next week: "But Clip-On Earrings Are So Old Fashioned!" The misconceptions surrounding who wears clip-on earrings and why.

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