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Ouch! My clip-ons are so Pinchy!

Woman Wincing in Pain

We've all been there - you're an hour into a date or special event when that throbbing in your earlobe reaches a crescendo and BAM! You have to rip off those clip on earrings, throw them into your purse, and spend the rest of the night stealing ice cubes out of your drink to try to soothe your painful lobes. But it doesn't have to be that way! If every clip-on earring came with an adjustable screw on a lever-back life would be perfect and you could float through your days looking as glamorous and comfortable as your pierced-ear peers, but that can't always be the case. Enter our convenient, purse friendly, fully portable tension key adjuster!

Clip-On Earring Tension Key Adjuster

The Tension Key Adjuster is the perfect little tool to both tighten and loosen your paddle back clip-on earrings in an instant - and it's available from (you guessed it!) Alyssum Jewellery's website! To use the key you simply hold the clip earring so that you are looking at the back of the clip and slide the slotted part of tension key onto the centre tension bar of the paddle clip. Gently, but firmly, bend the tension bar using the tension key. INCREASE tension by bending towards the clip base. DECREASE tension by bending away from the base. Simple! And a tiny adjustment can make a massive difference to your comfort and happiness :)

Antiqued Paddle Back Clip-On Earrings

So if you have any heirloom earrings that you've never worn because you've been too nervous of them falling off, or your favourite earrings have become loose from overwear, you can now bring them out of exile and give them a whole new lease of life! Enjoy!


Next week: "What Metal Is That?" A guide to jeweller's alloys.

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